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What We Do

Our projects...

Dial for Service Information
Adopt-a-Famly, Food & Gift Drives. Restricted Dollar Donations
Workforce Readiness
Targeting Special Emergency Needs
Supplement Food for Weekends and Holidays
A Healthy Families Program

We share space with and support other organizations

American Red Cross in action
American Red Cross
Clasped Hands
Community Impact Committee
Education, Income, and Health
food pantry
Emergency Food Pantry
Fiscal Agent for CSI
flood and fire
Fire & Flood Fund
Assist Victims of Fire, Flood, & Other Disasters
radiator heat
Heating Assistance Fund
Clothing Closets
Men, Women, and Children
Monticello Gymnastics Club
Training & Recreation
St. Pauly Clothing Shed
St. Pauly's Clothing Shed
Access supports for living
Access: Supports for Living
Sullivan County PBA
Sullivan County PBA
Rural Sullivan Housing Corp
Rural Sullivan Housing Corp.
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