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Fiona Feltman Scholarship Winner
June 20, 2019
Furthering Education

United Way of Sullivan County would like to congratulate the winners of our Performing Arts and Hospitality and Tourism scholarships.

What an amazing evening Fiona had at the Senior Honors Night. Received over ten scholarships/awards and a half dozen chords to wear at graduation! Especially meaningful to be recipient of Eugene Nesin Excellence in Music Memorial Scholarship, the Peter Cahalan Scholarship, the Ashley Morgan/Sierra Cerrone Scholarship, The Sullivan County Music Educators Scholarship, the United Way Scholarship, the Dorothy and Blake Washington Scholarship, the Trust Family Memorial Scholarship and the Periwinkle Fund for the Arts Award.

United Way of SC awarded four, $500 scholarships to our winners.

Fiona Feltman, a senior at Monticello HS, who will attend SUNY Purchase in the fall, won one of our Performing Arts scholarships. This scholarship was funded by the various bus trips to Broadway NYC fundraisers. Thank you for supporting United Way and thank you to Fiona for continuing her education in Performing Arts!!

Paul Symanski, a senior at Liberty HS, who will attend Cornell University, won one of our Hospitality & Tourism scholarships.

Chanlyn O’Sullivan, a senior at Sullivan West HS, who will attend Marywood University, won scholarships for both Performing Arts and Hospitality & Tourism.

Congratulations and good luck in the fall as you enter the next phase of your education and life!

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